Cornbread recipes differ, depending on the region you are in. In the South it is a skillet bread; in the North it is like cake and a good amount of ‘sweet’.  I grew up with a ‘skillet’ corn bread and 1 cup of sugar per recipe!  OH BOY, was that some good stuff.  Mom would use the cast iron skillet for it, and real lard (I still prefer the real lard (grass fed / finished)!  It was like having cake with my beans.  It was in fact so good, that for dessert we would crumble up a slice of corn bread in a glass and pour fresh raw cows milk over it.  Absolutely delicious!

To avoid ‘chewy’ bits of corn in the finished product, I run it through the food processor.  I use buttermilk for a tangier taste and lighter texture.  I use the brown sugar to bring out the corn taste, and the cane sugar for an extra boost and not to over-do the taste of corn.  I use butter rather than oil to intensify the overall flavor.  Melt it, then, let it cool before adding it to the finished batter.


1 ½ c all purpose flour

1 c yellow cornmeal

2 tsp baking powder

¼ tsp baking soda

¾ tsp celtic sea salt

¼ c packed light brown sugar

¼ cup can sugar

¾ c frozen corn kernels – thawed

1 c buttermilk (if you don’t have buttermilk, substitute whole milk + 1 Tblsp white vinegar)

2 large eggs

8 Tblsp unsalted butter (melted and cooled)

Adjust oven rack to middle position and heat oven to 400 degrees.  Spray 8 inch square baking dish w/nonstick cooking spray.  Whisk flour, cornmeal, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in medium bowl until combined and set aside.

In food processor or blender, process brown sugar, thawed corn kernels and buttermilk until combined, about 5 seconds.  Add eggs and process until well combined (another 5 seconds).

Using rubber spatula, make well in center of dry ingredients; pour wet ingredients into well.  Begin folding dry ingredients into wet, giving mixture only a few turns to barely combine; add melted butter and continue folding until dry ingredients are just moistened.  Pour batter into prepared baking dish; smooth surface with rubber spatula.  Bake until deep golden brown and toothpick inserted in center comes out clean, 25 to 35 minutes.  Cool on wire rack 10 minutes; invert cornbread onto wire rack, then turn right side up and continue to cool until warm, about 20 minutes longer.  Cut into pieces and serve.



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